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The Unsent Letter

It is me who’ve started it. I understand now why friendship is the gateway of
everything in a peer relationship. I got you. I have caught your weaknesses. Maybe my motive is to destroy your innermost belongings. You don’t know what it is. Yes, it’s your outlooks in life; your respect to yourself and indeed, your faith.

Maybe I am a wonderful person you’d ever knew. But try to listen, I will harm you. You couldn’t just imagine. Everytime you say a word and look me in the eye, I don’t think if you could have noticed the way I look at you so deep.

My words are from heaven. You couldn’t just help yourself but to believe me. And that’s my strength I have told you. But you haven’t heard of my weaknesses, have you? I am wise. I have billions of reasons enough to hide a secret.

Right now, I think that you are falling. If you only knew how I love to see you falling. It’s nourishing me. But the more you stay closer to me, the more I think of you every night when I touch myself.

Afterwhile, It is you who’ve awakened me. You know, it’s really burning inside my heart. I realized that I am always the warrior against myself. I shouldn’t have let the day we met. But you have been the most beautiful thing in the world that I couldn’t just disagree to my heart. That’s why we’ve come this far. You are very innocent in your face. That’s my first impression from you. And I’ve told it so.

I think you don’t deserve my harmness. You are from heaven. I just don’t see the seven angels guiding you all the time. And I am the only one person who knows it’s true. I knew it by the words you speak; the way your eyes close at a slow motion, and the way the wind touches your hair.

But this time, I guess I’ll go. It’s the worst thing for you. I knew it. You’ve told it so. You will die forgetting a person like me. I knew it. You’ve told it so. But this farewell will encourage me to move on because I have my own goals. And I can’t forgive myself if I put a single dot in your life. This farewell will help us. Let’s just put everything in the past, a past that will easily be gone. Just like a dust in a rainy season.

But you know what? I can’t help to see my soul decaying for no purpose. If leaving you would make you more harmed than what I supposed to give you, then I won’t let go. Just let me know. Then I’ll promise, I won’t let go. Because I love you, more than what it’s meant to be. And I love you, more than what a typical way of saying it. This is from your friend. No goodbyes!

(stamped:return to sender)

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